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Who Is Bobtheorc?

What if I told you it's possible to achieve your dreams despite an unfair world?

You see, the world operates under two sets of rules. There are the "fake" rules you learn while growing up... and then there are the "real" rules they don't teach you. (There's actually a third set of rules I'm beginning to discover, but I haven't unlocked their secrets... yet!) I've discovered that, as I began to learn the "real" rules, I also began to gain the ability to bend the odds in my favor...

even just a little bit.

I was that kid that never stopped dreaming. I would dare the impossible, and ask entirely too many questions about everything. The world is like a giant puzzle, just daring me to try and solve it... The first secret I learned was to fail quickly and fail often... and then get back up so I could fail again, and again. Over time, I gained faith in my abilities, and conviction in my purpose. Eventually, I began to fail less often... And sometimes, I would even succeed.

I define success as being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want to do it. It's true that money helps, but money is just a tool to help you achieve your dreams. If you never dare to dream, you will never achieve success, no matter how much money you make!

My dream is to travel the world, build cool things, and develop my abilities to their fullest potential.

I'm an adventurer, renaissance man, and entrepreneur.

And sometimes I play videogames under the name, "Bobtheorc."

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